Who is this guy again?

This guy is just a regular guy who believes in his heart that things can change.

I am a father of two wonderful children (Mateo & Emilio) and the husband of a wonderful and smart woman (Monica).

Oh, yeah: I also moonlight as Director of Strategy at Cheil Mexico. Yes, I am an ad man (something had to be wrong with me).

Before joining the ‘dark side,’ I spent close to 12 years working on the client side for Unilever. The last 6 of those 12 years were spent living in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in what David Letterman says is the greatest city in the world (I concur): New York City. I had an amazing time for many reasons, and the result of such good fortune coupled with growing up with “clean the plate” upbringing is that I now have crap body chemistry and am technically overweight. Since I intend to be here for a while longer, I want to get healthier. I would love to do that, whilst raising loads of money for Famine Aid.

Something of note: I could be considered a food & drink “hedonist”, for lack of a better word. This project also means that I give up on animal protein (unless I can convince you otherwise during the project) and ALL alcoholic beverages.


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