About this project

It is no secret that severe drought conditions plus conflict in Somalia has affected over 13 million people in East Africa. The World Food Programme is currently on the ground with food operations in five countries of the Horn of Africa affected by the current drought situation (Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya and Uganda).

The average cost of feeding a beneficiary in the Horn of Africa for one day is US $0.50. These operations require over US$767 million for the next six months, of which US$250 million still remains unfunded.  The urgency of the situation is such that the WFP and other aid organizations cannot possibly get enough help on the ground to deal with it on their own (and even as we speak, there is talk of cutting back due to budget limitations).

That’s where you, me and the awesome guys at @madebymany come in. My effort is part of 50/50 Make or Break –a social media challenge where 50 projects attempt to raise millions for famine relief in East Africa over the course of 50 days.

After my latest physical results (not good), I had an idea: Over the course of 50 days, I would only eat the equivalent of a regular, daily WFP Food Ration, and publish a picture of my daily meal(s) as well as any special recipes I come up with. All of this, in exchange for your donations to help me meet my (self-imposed) fundraising target of $75,000 USD for this more than worthy cause.

As the experiment goes along, I will poll you on whether I can add special ingredients to my weekly recipes based on our fundraising progress (e.g. Exceeding my target will ‘earn me’ an additional ingredient).

I of course have to tip my hat to the incredibly smart women who of course inspired this idea:
  • Heidi Hackemer (a.k.a. @uberblond) who first thought of the “Six items or less” project together with very smart people at BBH New York. Heidi actually left BBH New York and recently embarked on a new journey across the USA which she chronicles on the Edelweiss Pirate tumblr.
  • Sheena Matheiken (a.k.a. @matheiken), the smart and daring brain behind the wonderful Uniform Project. Her efforts not only raised money for a ton of super worthy causes, but also highlighted the possibility of sustainable clothing.

I hope you will make your way back to take a look at my progress here (or follow me on twitter –but be warned I’m a bilingual tweeter), or at other projects on the 50/50 Make or Break site. If nothing there moves you, I encourage you to take a look at the WFP site and see how you can get involved there. Follow the link below:

Help those suffering in the Horn of Africa


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