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I can barely believe that I’ve gone through SEVEN WEEKS of eating famine rations. Seems like only a few days ago when I saw Made by Many Tim’s call to action…

After an exciting few days of planning, I actually started. Now, it’s all wrapping up after an exciting 50 days that have left me with lots of hope because of the wonderful things I hear people inspired by this project have done -particularly children giving up savings and less fortunate people contributing what they can. I am thankful for your help and kind words…

Now I must ask for the last push! With so little time left, I cannot help but think of every telethon in history, where the last few hours bring about a huge uptick in donations.

You guys have taken this up to close to $7,200 USD. Since Cheil will match whatever we raise up to $10K, I’d love to at least get up to that much until tomorrow evening. That would of course still leave the project at about a fifth of the original target… But a lot more than any of us could have given on our own.

Please! Call your friends, email them, tweet the hell out of this… Or just go to the UNICEF project site by clicking here and give what you can. We cannot stop the drought from happening, or fix the dreadful political situation in Somalia… But we can certainly prevent lots of children from dying. One does every six minutes today. Two since I started writing this, and one since you started reading.

Thanks. Go!!!