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So, it’s really down to the wire now.

I’d love to get to $10,000 USD on my own this weekend. Why? Cause that’s the amount Cheil is willing to match (thanks Ana & Buz!)
If that’s all you needed to read, please click here to go straight to UNICEF and contribute. Even the smallest donation helps.

Here we are, seven weeks to the day when I first went shopping for the famine ration project, quite unaware of what was ahead. In the end, we aren’t even close to the target, but the affection and love outpour have made it totally worth it. This project has inspired demonstrations of kindness that i never imagined —like children giving up their free time or allowances to pony up (seriously, children are way nicer than adults).

I even got a super interesting proposal to continue what I’ve done, which I think is an excellent idea as we move @5050good into the launching and heavy fundraising period.

Below are two pictures: one is a close up of cous cous and lentils, which I shared with Mateo today. The other is an Instagram shot of our table today. Mateo, Monica and myself all ate ration food. Actually, my wife has been eating rations with me this week. She has not only been super supportive (in money and spirit!) of this whole project, but she’s also been one of my greatest evangelists (not to mention standing by me with what has likely been a crabbier mood than usual).

Thanks babe!