This morning there was a piece on this project in a national morning news show (1N with Carlos Loret). I was thrilled to see it, and hopefully it will bring more people to check this out and raise awareness of the terrible famine in Somalia.

I try to raise money and “earn” your donations by experiencing what eating the equivalent of a famine aid ration is for roughly 50 days. Those 50 days end at sundown on Saturday –and Cheil’s commitment (thanks to Buz Sawyer, our CEO for Americas and Ana Castañeda -president Cheil Mexico) to match donations to my project up to $10,000 ends as well. The fundraising (hopefully) won’t end then, and I’ll be able to continue raising awareness for this urgent issue.

If you’ve heard about this through twitter or facebook and are interested in giving, please click here and go straight to the UNICEF project page. Little goblins behind the scenes work out which project the money came from, don’t worry.

Thanks for getting involved! Please spread the word and help me get closer to my goal!!