OK, so I’m doing this thing where I eat the equivalent of a famine aid ration for around 50 days (more on “around” in a bit) in exchange for your (hopefully) generous donations. All money is handled through UNICEF directly, and it will help save lives in famine-stricken Somalia, where 12.5 million people are at risk of famine; 750,000 are at risk of death soon, and a child dies of starvation every 6 minutes.

I cannot accept the concept that this happens, and luckily neither could the awesome folks at @madebymany and @g00dfornothing, who came up with the idea for 50/50 Make or Break ––a series of small bets from folks in the advertising community designed to use our experience in advertising, social media and digital to raise funds for famine aid. The initiative launched on August 27 with the Fat Planner (me!) and will have a symbolic end to coincide with World Food day on October 16th. That date will signal the 50th day I survive on famine rations alone –sometimes with great difficulty (you can read previous posts where I note just how hard it is to live a “normal” life like this).

Long story short: I’m getting interviewed this afternoon for a Mexican morning news TV show where @CarlosLoret is the anchor. He actually spent some time in Somalia at about the time this project began, so this feels like fated closure. It is also a super opportunity to spread the word and help this project get up closer to our original target of $75,000. We’re currently at $6,000 and my employer (Cheil) will match all donations up to a $10,000 ceiling. At the VERY LEAST, I would like to get things going up to take advantage of all of it!  Best case scenario, the TV show brings lots of exposure and gets us much closer to the target.

Please help me to make it happen!! Share this link with your friends on Facebook & twitter… I hate spamming, but this is a worthy cause, and I’m falling on swords all over the place.

If you are able, please help me raise money for famine aid in Somalia by clicking on the 50/50 Make or Break orange logo to the left, or just click here to go straight to the UNICEF project page and give.