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So… Despite the sacrifices, it seems to me at this point in time that the project is almost done. 25-30 lbs later, and with as much satisfaction as can come from a relative failure (in terms of getting to my unrealistic ultra ambitious fundraising target). But as some of the nicest people I know have told me, I really feel it has been a huge success in reminding me of what the important things in life are, and hopefully planting a small seed in my children’s mind that grows into higher awareness and empathy with fellow human beings.

As those who have been here before know, I’ve been eating only the equivalent of a famine aid ration for the past 45 days. I feel super proud to have kicked off the awesome 50/50 Make or Break project with @madebymany and @g00dfornothing. I agreed to do this for 50 days to coincide with World Food day, and to raise money for famine aid in Somalia. The situation there is dire, with a child dying every 6 minutes and close to 750,000 people at risk of death by hunger.

My guess is that it is hard to understand for most of us in the west just what “dying of hunger” means. My best estimation is that only 1 out of every 1,000 people (if that) actually go into the UNICEF project link and donate. We cannot imagine what it is like to go without food –any of it, because we live in abundance, only limited by our physical and economic access.

I ask that you help me spread awareness of this initiative, and of the fantastic projects that run parallel to mine at 50/50 Make or Break. If you are able, please click here (or on the large orange 50/50 square at the top left of the navigation bar) and donate whatever you can for famine aid in Somalia. All donations handled directly through UNICEF.

The urgency is great: There are only 5 days left in my project, and my company is matching my fundraising up to $10,000 USD. I would *really* love to make use of 100% of that allotment, and that’s where you come in: I’ve put my money where my mouth is –quite literally donated to myself and have convinced every single one of my friends to pony up for this (thanks guys, you rock!).

Please help me in the final stretch!! I would appreciate your help spreading the word, and donating money to the cause. Thanks!!!