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Since you may or may not have been here before, the executive summary: I am eating the equivalent of a famine aid ration during two months to raise money for famine aid in the Horn of Africa as part of the 50/50 Make or Break initiative from Made by Many and Good for Nothing.

There are only 10 days left in my project, and today is the perfect day to give large because our CEO Buz Sawyer and our Mexican boss Ana Castañeda will match my fundraising up to $10k. Hurry and give here!!  (All donations handled directly by UNICEF).

Some people have asked why I do this, and most importantly wonder if it’s even sane of me to take this experience on, when ‘nothing I do will end the famine or really change anything.’  The reason I come back to this is that upon hearing of Steve Jobs’ passing last night, I suddenly realized just how much of an influence this genius of a man has had in my life.

The first computer I ever touched and was allowed to touch was an Apple IIe. Not in my family home, because none of my parents are that technologically inclined, and the cost would have been prohibitive.  Many times after that, I came in contact with Apple products, until I started buying them.  Every Mac I’ve owned has had a name. I’ve suffered letting go of them when it was finally time to do so. I still have my 1st generation iPod (replaced by a 5G video iPod when my beautiful wife told me it was ridiculous that the biggest Apple freak in the world couldn’t possibly still own and use a device that was exhibited at MoMA NYC –true story), and I sometimes react like a fanboy to Apple criticism.

I became a bit of a maven, converting friends and acquaintances to Apple despite the “incompatibility” and “higher prices.”  Hell, I even wrote multiple letters and e-mails to Steve asking for a job at Apple, and asked Apple-related questions when interviewing job applicants. True story too.

The first time I saw the ‘Think Different’ ad, I got shivers. I figured it was the novelty. It wasn’t. I still get them, every single time. 1984 and Think Different are my favorite ads of all time, and probably played a role in making me wish to be an ad-man, even if I did start my career as a client.

What I’m aiming at here, is the fact that I really do believe that we can change the world. You, me, all of us.  The proof is that your donation, as small as it may be, can help save lives. Multiple ones. Of the 750,000 people who are at risk of death by famine. You can make a difference in the lives of 13.5 million people who are experiencing what is likely to be the worst drought (and accompanying famine) of their lifetime.

You can save one of the children who dies every six minutes. Just click here.

Thanks Steve.
1955 – 2011.

Thanks Steve. My personal hero.