As you may know, for the past 37 days I’ve been eating the equivalent of a daily famine ration only, to raise funds for famine relief in the Horn of Africa. The drought in Somalia is the worst in 60+  years.

At about $5,600 USD, so far, I am quite far from my original goal of $75k. But the good news is that Cheil Americas will match whatever I raise. This fantastic bit of news came directly from Buz Sawyer himself, our CEO, at our official launch event in Mexico City last week.

This means that you guys have 13 days to break Cheil’s bank!   🙂

Now is when I need you the most: Please click here to go to the UNICEF project page and donate whatever you can. Every dollar is worth double!!

If you’ve already given, or are unable to do so, please help me raise awareness among those who can. Share this on twitter, facebook, google+…  Hell, even on myspace!  😉  Use the sharing buttons below this post or just copy the link over.

13.5 million human beings are at risk, and 750,000 could die in the next few weeks. A child dies every six minutes, and University budget is nowhere near enough.