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So… executive summary here: I eat famine rations only. You help fight the famine in Somalia, where 13.5 million people are at risk of hunger, and 750,000 are at risk of death in the next few days unless something is done. A child dies every six minutes –so by the time you finish reading here, at least one young little boy or girl will have passed away from hunger. Please click here to go straight to UNICEF and give for this cause.

I am doing this for 50/50 Make or Break, by @madebymany and @g00dfornothing. The group’s objective is to run 50 “small” bets to raise as much money as possible for famine aid. Please help!

A couple of weeks ago, super-nice @uberblond wrote a brilliant post about the experiential shift, which had a call to action for brands to wake up to this new reality and embrace ‘being more human.’  I, in turn, wrote that I was looking for a brave brand to join my fundraising and posted it all over: the Don’t Feed The Planner Facebook page, my Google+ circles and twitter, calling out to a great deal of brilliant minds in the advertising industry to help spread my call as widely as possible.

I haven’t written a whole lot about my work on this blog.  Earlier this year, after moving back from a 3.5 year stint in New York City, I joined a new team assembled to relaunch Cheil Worldwide in Mexico after an invitation from legendary ad-man Buz Sawyer (@buzsawyer).  During the past 11 months, this new team has taken shape, and was finally ready for a formal presentation. After some thinking as to what is different about this group, we realized that every one of us (@GranComandante, @LaSiguenza, @GalanCantu and even @BuzSawyer) had taken a big chance by joining the team –and that’s how #BraveCheil came to be. This is relevant, because when I shared my project and the results with Buz, and told him I had crashed and burned while looking for a matching scheme with at least two companies had had little luck convincing anyone to match my donations, he immediately said Cheil Americas would find a way and match whatever I raise doing this.

This feels like playing an arcade game and getting a 2x bonus!  Now we need to make the most of it and that’s where I need your help more than ever:  if you can give something, please do by clicking here (donations handled by UNICEF). If you cannot give, or have already given –please help me reach as many people as possible to maximize our contribution. Hit the sharing button below, or tell your friends about this.

Thanks Buz.

Thanks to my co-workers who encourage me and sometimes bear with my cranky (hungry) disposition.

Thanks, #BraveCheil.