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If it’s your first visit here, this blog is about my fundraising project for the famine in Somalia, where I eat only the equivalent of a famine aid ration in exchange for your donations. Click here to give please (straight through UNICEF).

Not really a fat planner post, more like a post fat planner thing. I came across the street from the office to a newish Japanese place called Hanzo. They have a gorgeous terrace with a retractable roof which is sun worthy during a great deal of the year in Mexico city.

Beyond the Tarantino reference, and the fact that Monica loves Japanese, the reason I chose this place was the service and welcome I got from their staff was awesome, especially Leo. So, if you’re ever in Mexico City near Polanco, and have a craving for Japanese, look it up.

Also: please click here to go to the unicef project page and give to help famine aid efforts in the horn of Africa.