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Long story short: I eat only the equivalent of a famine aid ration for 50 days in exchange for your donations to help UNICEF out in distributing (much needed) aid in Somalia.

Cath Richardson from the amazing Made by Many team suggested my project could get some attention and mentions on foodie blogs if I could come up with what kind of dishes I’ve come up with to ease my ration-eating life these days.

I love the idea, and so I will be posting a few these days. I love to cook, but I mostly follow a recipe and maybe 10% is from inspiration. The problem here is ingredients are very limited.

Today, it’s whole & wild rice with lentils. I’ve opted not to add garlic to the rice anymore, as you can grow tired of the same flavor (as much as I adore garlic).

Ive got enough rice for a couple of days, and cous cous for a third. I will probably get some chickpeas for that day, as I’ve done lentils for the past 2.5 weeks and could go back to cous cous & chickpeas.

Some people have asked what I do if I run out or forget to cook. The easiest thing is to get steamed white rice (gohan) and some edamame as pulses.

Anyone have suggestions given what the typical ration includes? See the ‘about famine aid rations’ page on this blog for details.

And please, help me spread the word about this project. If you are able to give, please click here and go straight to UNICEF to give. Every last bit helps.