As many of you know, I pitched an idea to 50/50 Make or Break to raise funds for Africa: I would eat only famine rations for 50+ days to raise awareness and money to fight the ongoing famine in Somalia, which kills a child every six minutes. As I mentioned before, I have kids and cannot bear that thought.

If there was such a thing as an FAQ on this site, the top two questions would be:
– How much weight have you lost??
– What exactly do you eat / are you allowed to eat? (Answer here)
– Aren’t you super hungry? How do you cope?
– Are you under medical supervision? You could get sick!

The answer to the first question will be visual. Here is the fat planner 5 weeks ago. I don’t have a full body shot with me now, and that is good for now 🙂

Now, here are a couple of pics I had taken during the last few days:

This is my new mug, halfway through the "Fat Planner" project.

My favorite Etiqueta Negra stretch suit I bought in Argentina fits again!

As for weight, I’ve probably lost quite a bit. Haven’t dared step on a scale, but my guess would be a bit over 12 kg (26 lbs, or 2 stone –not going for accuracy here ha) given that my clothes from my life in Argentina are starting to fit again.

Hunger: Sure, I feel hungry every once in a while, but it has become a lot more bearable as my body doesn’t need to carry all that weight around. Yesterday I actually forgot I only had 300g of rice (instead of 400 in the ration) and I survived pretty decently (albeit hungry by the time the night ended after a launch event with our top client (hence the suit). Today? I forgot the entire 60g of pulses (lentils) at home. Going back to fetch those today. It’s been a crazy busy week 🙂

Will update this post with some of my recipes over the weekend. Was told some awesome people at foodie blogs might suggest some options after that 🙂

Enjoy Friday people!