Hi! You may remember me as the ad man who’s eating famine rations to raise awareness and funds for famine aid in Somalia. If you want to contribute, click here or on the 50/50 orange link at the top left of the sidebar. All donations are handled directly by UNICEF –no funky business here.

So: We are halfway there, and so far I would say I’m about 7% into my original fundraising target. I am still looking for a brave brand to come in and save the day by matching the funds I raise, but nothing to comment on this one (yet, hopefully).

I have to say I am floored by the awesome ideas coming out of the 50/50 Make or Break project. When we kicked off a few weeks ago (3.5, to be precise), the Fat Planner was the only project there. And I was lonely!  When I heard about Africashback, I knew I had come across the best idea of the lot (so far, at least). It is so simple, and so powerful that it seems obvious in retrospect –like all genius ideas:  There are actually lots of sites out there offering discounts or product recommendations. None do it out of the goodness of their hearts –the way it works is that products purchased using those links earn a referral commission ranging between 5% and 10% of all products at the amazon.com store.

Say, for example, you got a new Kindle and you want to buy the Clay Shirky’s very popular bestseller “The Cognitive Surplus.” If you click on this link (generated through Africashback search), you will effectively donate 5% – 10% of your purchase to famine aid through UNICEF. That’s it. You pay the same price, and amazon.com! gives Africa money. Could it get any better?

The possibility of scale is just staggering, and I hope you will consider buying all your amazon.com needs from the site.  This one comes to us by way of Mike Overthrow and Adam Molloy, two bright minds who work in digital marketing at Ecclesiastical Insurance in the UK.  Kudos guys, it is fantastically awesome. Here is Mike’s wannabe DJ blog: Coveritup.

In any case: if you can afford to make a generous donation, please give to my effort (I’m hungry!!!) by clicking here. Otherwise, if your disposable income does not allow for it, but still buy stuff from amazon.com (US or UK stores), please buy through Africashback.