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If you’re here to find out what I’m doing, it’s simple. I eat aid rations only for at least 50 days. You give to famine relief in Africa (payment through UNICEF). Deal? Click here.

Today’s post is an open letter to the marketing community we in agencies serve. I’ve obviously tried to run this by brands I know or have worked with unsuccessfully, so here’s my pitch:

Dear forward thinking brand manager:

We get it.  You have ‘social responsibility’ on your horizon.  Every time the company visionary speaks, or your social media agency / guru talks to you, they tell you “your brand needs to act human.”  Hell, even Fast Company wrote an article about it.

But your brand’s commitment to social responsibility and community is something that has been added to your job, and there are now clear guidelines on what to do. Because, the problem is, you actually need to do something since an ad will only work for so long.

I am here to offer a relatively free ride. As you have probably found out by now, I’m the guy who’s eating an aid ration a day, and asking people to come up with donations to UNICEF.

In a very smart post entitled ‘experiential shift,’ @uberblond writes about a fundamental shift in the way culture is changing and will continue to do so –to the point where brands will need to show a lot more emotion, curiosity and sense of humor to be provocative. Where brand ‘humanity’ can only come from stepping down off the soap box and engaging in real conversations and real actions.

If you’re really serious about showing you care, your brand needs to endorse, support or initiate counter-culture actions that generate empathy with consumers by demonstrating behavior change is possible.

So… how about it? Here’s the deal:  I keep doing this until October 27th, and raise as much money as I’m able to. You match or multiply my donation. Your biggest risk is that my project becomes really successful. In which case, you will have bought cheap goodwill and earned media –while doing the right thing and being human.

No free lunch, but close to. What’s it going to be? Tweet me at @lacreid if you’re interested.