The Fat Planner was 6'4" (1.93m) and 215 lbs (97 kg) --but now looks like a good 18 lbs. less

If you haven’t been here before, welcome to this blog. Here, I tell you about my experiences whilst eating ONLY the equivalent of a famine aid ration, and ask in exchange that you consider donating towards famine aid in Somalia and eastern Africa (all donations go directly through UNICEF).

Woke up today to some bad news: The famine in Somalia has spread to the Bay region, and is now the sixth area in the country experiencing acute food shortages. According the the U.N., there are now over 750,000 people (that’s between 10 and 50 times your average large stadium, FYI) at risk of “imminent starvation.” Tens of thousands of people have already died, more than half of whom are children (FAO).

The famine is made worse by Somalia’s worst drought in 60 years. With no stable government since 1991, and fighting between rebels and government troops, the humanitarian crisis naturally escalates in the country.

The picture is bleak, sure. Somalia is in the middle of the worst agricultural crisis in decades. But at no other point in history, has there been such a window of opportunity for you (yes, YOU) to help. We can stop and reverse this dramatic trend by supporting farmers and herders, as well as other emergency interventions.

This is where I come in:  I have been half-starving myself for 10 days to raise awareness and funds for famine aid. In return, I only ask that you help me spread the word about this blog (sharing buttons below this post), and that you consider donating to the cause HERE (all payments directly to UNICEF) or getting involved somehow in the humanitarian aid to east Africa.