A bit of the planner's meal

A little cous cous left from the first half of the day

It’s been a tough week so far. I really enjoy seeing people talk about this project on social media,  and the encouraging words I get every day certainly help to keep me going,  but in the end I keep coming back to comparing the 1,945 views on the blog —which is obviously an imperfect measurement,  against the 17 people who have donated so far.

I am, of course, incredibly grateful to the wonderful people who have supported this cause through my project. I am also painfully aware that of those 17 supporters, 2 are me and my wife (!) and at least 4 others are close friends and family. I am only certain of two people who have donated and embraced the cause after hearing about it from social media (infinite thanks, @luserrano and @juzmcmuz!). I asked my good friends at @madebymany for access to the donors list, just because I’m a control freak but I’m assuming they’re being bombarded with other projects for the time being.

The thing is, I’m pretty sure I know 50% of my supporters, yet I’ve seen countless mentions on Facebook and Twitter (for which I’m extremely thankful), and have received a lot of positive and heartwarming comments which help to keep me going. But I’m also painfully aware that I do this to raise money for a cause I consider urgent and important… and it’s tough to see just how much money has come in.

I would like to ask you to keep sharing this link, and if possible get word out to influencers who can either get us on media, or chip in. I will keep up my efforts on this side, that’s a promise.

Thanks! If you want to donate, you can click on the orange link at the top of the left sidebar, or else just click here.