If this is the first time you come here, I suggest you take a look at what this project is about here. You may also want to read about what exactly a famine aid ration is, here.

At first, when I heard 50/50 Make or Break was launching on a Saturday, I was a bit disappointed because I figured there would be far less noise going out into the interwebs about the projects.

Yesterday morning, in what would turn out to be an exercise in foreshadowing, @malbonster reached out to me and asked how I was doing.

Clearly it hadn't dawned on me...

At that point, I was still (cautiously) optimistic about the whole experience, despite the slightly bothersome headache I developed late on Saturday. I also picked up my son Emilio, who is 8 and a half, from his mother’s late on Saturday, and was very excited to tell him about #DontFeedThePlanner. Surely he would be moved by it. We went out with the kids (Emilio, 8 and Mateo, 15 months) to the (sunny) playground for a couple of hours.

I frequently have headaches when I put off eating (which happens often when I come across something exciting and simply forget about food for hours).  I am 6’4″ (1.93m) and weigh about 215 lbs (97 Kg or about 15.3 stone), and am technically overweight (so say the doctors) because of my body fat level. Clearly, a famine aid ration is enough to sustain an individual –but it was becoming obvious to me that my body had gotten used to much, much more.

I had the bright idea of taking took a massive 1g paracetamol pill for the headache, which had taken a slight migrainous feel. This did not suit my (almost empty) stomach well. My evening went by between feeling nauseated, and vomiting. I actually only ate half of my aid ration yesterday because of this.

Now: I feel really happy because of the great feedback my project has received, and the sentiment on social networks. I am, however, a bit disappointed by the fact that the only donations are from my lovely wife @mgespejel, and my awesome friend @m_e_m_a from Argentina. C’mon guys… put your money where my mouth is, please.

You can give to Africa famine aid under this project here.