I actually started this post last night, then had to stop because of a headache. As i was just telling @malbonster on twitter, it only dawned on me what I’m really doing sometime yesterday evening.

Yesterday was pretty normal –most of the day was spent either at home or in a nearby park with the wife and our 15 month old. The menu was simple as I really didn’t want to think much: wild rice cooked with nothing but salt and boiled lentils. I added just a teeby bit of Sriracha sauce for flavor. That was both lunch & dinner. A remaining portion of cereal was supper.

It’s hard to see and smell others around me eating stuff I can’t, and it’s only been a day. Still, the outpouring of support from you guys as well as the initial donations are very encouraging –especially considering it’s the weekend and the twittersphere is ablaze with Irene#HurricanePorn.

I hope the hunger pangs & headaches will go away as my body adapts. In the meantime, your support will keep me going. Please help me to help. Click on the 50/50 image to the left or here.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that my 15 month old Mateo actually shared a teeny bit of my wild rice & lentils. I attribute the look of bewilderment on his face to the fact that most of the time my food tastes better than his. LOL