Today is the last day before 50/50 kicks off tomorrow. I should be excited and happy that we’re finally starting, but am also concerned and sad because of the cowardly attack perpetrated against fellow Mexicans last night in Monterrey, where at least 53 people lost their lives.

Still, I am due later today at the general store to buy supplies for the next week, and I’ll have to give some serious thought to how exactly I will prepare the food and the logistics of working in an ad agency.

The awesome folks at @madebymany have practically finalized the donations hub, and it will go online early tomorrow. Exciting stuff! A lot of you have asked about it, and it is finally ready to go. The donation link will appear at the top of the left hand navigation bar, just click on the 50/50 image and whip out your wallets 🙂

I’ll be back later today to tell you about my “last supper” before kicking off. I’ll try to make it memorable 🙂