As you can see on the “About” page on this blog, I am doing this in order to raise a very ambitious amount of money for famine relief in East Africa: $75,000 USD.

The way I expect this to work is that from August 27th until October 16th, I will substitute my regular daily meals with the equivalent of a famine aid ration. I will do this for two reasons:

  1. I want you to donate money to contribute to the famine aid. The situation in East Africa is dire, and resources are nowhere near enough to satisfy demand. See more information on the Horn of Africa World Food Programme Crisis page.
  2. My latest physical was anything but flattering. I spent the last 3.5 years abusing the abundance we are blessed with in the West (read more about it here) and feel like this is but the tip of the karma I must pay back. The end result of my life in the US is more than a few extra pounds and less than healthy body chemistry. I am also doing this to quickly impact my eating habits, think about what and how we eat and hopefully become a little bit healthier.

Although there isn’t a “standard” WFP ration, there is a standard “food basket” which supplies energy, protein and fat (as well as other micronutrients like Vit. A, iron, iodine & zinc). I will use this as a starting point and keep you updated about my progress, daily recipes (photos included!) and how this new diet makes me feel.

Aid recipients in places like the Horn of Africa frequently depend on WFP rations for survival. I do not, so I cannot use the “don’t let the planner die” as incentive for donations, can I? What I would like to do, is substitute some of the items in the food ration with local or African staples as well as cheap local vegetables (for health reasons). See the WFP rations page on this blog. What I want to do is let you define how the experiment progresses over the next seven weeks –starting with the following poll before we start: